Disabled Talk

~ Friday, August 10 ~

(tw racism, hate crimes, apologism, ableism)

MotherJones, a progressive website for investigative journalism - described on their homepage as “…a nonprofit dedicated to fearless investigative reporting, so we go beyond the daily play-by-play to illuminate the larger issues…”, has been tweeting about the awful Sikh temple hate crime in the United States this past week.

There’s a common element I’ve been seeing on the reporting on this crime.  One, that reporters and journalists are hesitant to call it terrorism, hesitant to identify it as a hate crime despite how immediately this became apparent, despite the terrorist being an open white supremacist.  Secondly, the amount of speculation over his mental health, or straight-up opinions that he must be kuuuurazyyy to do something like that!

The third is how these two elements combine to both stigmatize the mentally ill and simultaneously provide an out, a monster in the room to blame and distract from the simple fact that this was a racist hate-crime motivated by white supremacy.  If we blame it on a lone crrraaazy man we’re taking all the societal context-racism, right-wing terrorism, hate crimes, a resurgence of neo-nazi and white supremacist groups, a government that is institutionally racist on absolutely every level exterior and interior-and saying that it doesn’t matter that there was no logic or reason to this, when there is. 

Right-wing, white supremacist terrorism is focused on creating fear, doing harm, and maintaining the racist status-quo.  It is not crazy or mindless but the actions of a specific group, within a societal context, for a specific goal, and using the spectre of mental illness as a decoy is using ableism to cover up racism like shit icing on a shit cake.

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Contact information for MotherJones including phone, email, and post.

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